This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes what data are collected by Market Innovators, Inc. (the “Company”) and how the information is used and shared by the Company when the Company’s website ​ and its mobile application named Dingdong Powered by RiderKo (“Software”) is accessed.

This Policy applies to persons who use the Company’s software to book for delivery of goods or items or order goods or items (“Users”), persons who offer third-party logistics services (“Rider”), persons who partner with the Company to sell their goods or items (“Merchants”), or those who access the Software for any other purpose (collectively referred to as “You” or “Your”).

The Company is committed to protect and respect your personal data privacy. The Company is at the forefront of not only implementing but also complying with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“the Data Privacy Act”), its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and other issuances by the National Privacy Commission.


1.1. This Privacy Notice sets forth how the Company manages, collects, uses, discloses or otherwise processes your Personal Data under the Data Privacy Act, its Implementing Rules and Regulations and other issuances by the National Privacy Commission. This Privacy Notice is designed to assist you in understanding how the Company manages, collects, uses, discloses and/or processes the Personal Data you have provided in order to assist you in making an informed decision before providing the Company with any of your Personal Data.

1.2. The Company recognizes the importance of your Personal Data and takes its responsibilities under the Data Privacy Act and other related laws seriously. The Company is committed to its responsibility to properly protect, manage, use and process your personal data and respect your data privacy rights. By using the Company’s online platforms and services (“Software”) registering and submitting documents in the Software, ordering any product in the Company’s online Software and/or pressing the “I Agree” and/or “Submit” button in the Software, as may be applicable, you acknowledge, agree and consent to the terms of this Privacy Notice and the Company’s privacy policies and practices as well as the collection, use, processing of your personal data in accordance with the law.

1.3. Please read and review this Privacy Notice thoroughly and carefully. The Company may also collect and process data which are not set out in this Privacy Notice when necessary under the circumstances. If you do not consent to the processing of your personal data as described in this Privacy Notice, please do not use the Software.

1.4. Under the Data Privacy Act, Personal Data refers to all types of personal information or any information, whether recorded in a material form or not, from which the identity of the individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information, or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify an individual.

1.5. The Company reserves the right to amend, modify, revise and update this Privacy Notice at any time to ensure that it is consistent with the Data Privacy Act and other applicable laws, at the Company’s absolute discretion. If the Company changes its Privacy Notice, all amendments, revisions, updates and additions will be posted in the Software. By using the Company’s online platform and services, you agree to be bound by the prevailing terms of the Privacy Notice.

1.6. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Notice, the Company’s privacy policy and practices, please contact our Data Protection Officer on the contact numbers provided below.


2.1. The Company will and/or may collect and process personal data about you through, but not limited to, the following circumstances: 

(a) when you register and/or use or carry-out transactions the Company’s Software, online platforms and its services;

(b) when Users use the Software to book a delivery, place an order or otherwise avail of the services of the Software;

(c) when Riders and Merchants accept such booking/order;

(d) when you provide and submit any form, including, but not limited to, Personal Data forms, or other forms relating to any of our products and services, whether online or by way of a physical form when applicable under the circumstances;

(e) when you enter into any agreement or provide other documentation or information during any other interaction with us, or when you use any of our related services such as subscribing to our newsletter or product notifications; 

(f) when you interact with the Company through its customer service team or other authorized representatives, such as, but not limited to, through the Software, telephone calls, letters, face-to-face meetings, social media platforms and emails. This includes, information obtained through cookies which the Company may deploy when you access the Software; 

(g) when you provide the Company with feedback or complaints through the Software or through any other means; 

(h) when you register or participate to promotions, contests, raffles and/or surveys organized by the Company;

(i) when you submit your Personal Data through your authorized representative(s) for any purpose authorized by you;

(j) when third parties and/or other service providers provide your Personal Data to which were collected and processed by them and disclosed to the Company pursuant to their privacy policies; and

(k) when you voluntarily submit your Personal Data for any other reason or where such collection does not require consent under the applicable laws. 

2.2. You shall warrant and ensure that all Personal Data you submitted to the Company is complete, accurate, true and correct. You shall indemnify and hold the Company free and harmless from and against all losses, damages, claims, suits, third party claims and legal proceedings, direct or indirect, arising from or in connection thereto.

2.3. The above does not purport to be exhaustive and sets out some common instances of when personal data about you may be collected. 


3.1. The Company may or will collect personal data, such as but not limited to the following: 

  Full Name

  Contact details such as telephone and mobile number

  Residential, billing, mailing and/or delivery address

  Email address

  Date of birth

  Government-issued ID and information

  Bank account, credit card and other payment information; 

  Sex and/or Gender


  Recipient’s Full Name

  Recipient’s Address

  Recipient’s Contact Number

  Network and device data

  Internet Protocol (IP) address and device identifiers

  Shopping or browsing habits or behaviors

  Facial image

  Voice recording

  Information obtained through cookies

  Any other Personal Data which you have provided to the Company through any other means.

3.2. The Company may collect certain information by automated or passive means using a variety of technologies, which may be downloaded to your device and may set or modify settings on your device. The information that the Company collects may include, but is not limited to the following:

  Internet Protocol (IP) address

  Computer/mobile device operating system

  Browser type

  Type of mobile device and the characteristics of the mobile device

   Unique device identifier (UDID) or Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) for your mobile device

  Address of a referring web application, if any Pages you visit on the Company’s website and the times of visit.

3.3. The Company may collect information about the location of your mobile device using technologies such as but not limited to GPS and Wi-Fi. You may withdraw your permission for the Company to acquire this information on your location through your device settings in your mobile devices. Please contact your mobile device manufacturer and/or your service provider or the device manufacturer if you have questions about how to disable your device's location services.

3.4. If you do not want the Company to collect the foregoing information or Personal Data, you may opt out at any time by notifying the Company’s Data Protection Officer in writing about it through the contact details specified in this Privacy Notice. Note, however, that opting out or withdrawing your consent for the Company to collect, use or process your Personal Data may affect your use of the Company’s online platforms.


4.1. For the purpose of this section, “Cookies” are identifiers that the Company transfers to your computer or mobile device that allow the Company to recognize your computer or device and tell the Company how and when the Software is used, the number of people who uses the platform and to track movements within the Software.

4.2. The Company may implement "cookies" or other features to allow the Company or third parties to collect or share information that will help improve the Software and help the Company offer new services and features. The Company may link cookie information to personal data. Cookies also link to information regarding items you have selected for purchase and pages you have viewed. Cookies are also used to deliver content specific to your interest and to monitor your usage of the Software. 

4.3. You may refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser or devices. However, please note that if you do this you may not be able to use the full functionality of the Software. You may deactivate cookies by adjusting your internet browser settings to disable, block or deactivate cookies, by deleting your browsing history and clearing the cache from your internet browser.


5.1. The Company may collect, use and/or process your Personal Data for the following purposes: 

(a) to register, consider, maintain and/or process your application or transactions in the Software and Company’s online platforms for the use of the services

(b) to provide you with the services offered by the Software; 

(c) to verify your identity, personal data provided, and other personal identifiable information;

(d) to manage, operate, provide, administer, facilitate, and/or customize your use of and/or access to the Company’s Software and services

(e) to administer and/or facilitate the provision of the Company’s services through your booking, ordering, shopping, sale, logistics service and browsing behaviors and preferences in order to display content according to such behaviors and preference including but not limited to the User’s booking/ordering, the Rider’s provision of logistics services, and the Merchant’s sale of goods or items; 

(f) to facilitate the availment and monitoring of discounts, promotions, and other benefits the Company may offer and the share of the parties from successful orders or purchases;

(g) to ensure that the Software functions properly and to improve its performance, by carrying out activities such as debugging, statistical analyses for optimizing the Software;

(h) to process, confirm, clarify, and/or publish your order, your payment for the order, your delivery, including disclosure of your Personal Data to our partner Riders and Merchants for deliveries and purchases, or for our partners to process your returns or refunds or to respond to, process, deal with or complete a transaction and/or to fulfill your requests for certain products and services and notify you of service issues and unusual account actions, if applicable, to track the location of the booked vehicles/orders placed;

(i) to monitor, determine, and enforce compliance with the Terms of Use, Rider’s Code of Conduct, or any applicable end user license agreements; 

(j) to monitor, determine, and enforce compliance with the Terms of Use, Rider’s Code of Conduct, or any applicable end user license agreements; 

(k) to maintain and administer any software updates and/or other updates and support that may be required from time to time to ensure the smooth running of the Software; 

(l) to communicate with you in relation to (i) your queries, requests and feedback, (ii) material changes to the Software, Privacy Notice or other terms and conditions, and (iii) matters relating to the operation of your account or to improve your customer experience when you use the Software;

(m) to provide, or to deal with or facilitate customer service, carry out your instructions, deal with or respond to any inquiries given by (or purported to be given by) you or on your behalf;

(n) to address your complaints against Riders or Merchants;

(o) to contact you or communicate with you via call, text message, fax message, email and/or postal mail or any other means for the purposes of administering and/or managing your relationship with the Company or your use of the Software, such as but not limited to the following purposes: (1) to produce statistics and research for internal and statutory reporting and/or record-keeping requirements; (2) to carry out due diligence or other screening activities; (3) to audit the Company’s services or the Company’s business to prevent or investigate any fraud, unlawful activity, omission or misconduct, whether relating to your use of the Software or any other matter arising from your relationship with us, and whether or not there is any suspicion of the aforementioned;

(p) to conduct market and customer research, analysis and development activities (including, but not limited to, data analytics, surveys, product and service development and/or profiling), to analyze how you use the Software, to improve the Company’s services and/or to enhance your customer experience; 

(q) to allow for audits and surveys to, among other things, validate the size and composition of the Company’s target market, and understand their experience with the Software; 

(r) to allow the Company to market its Software as well as that of its partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, sponsors or advertisers or to promote a particular product or service as well as to enable them to deliver ads which are related to their products and services through sending alerts, newsletters, updates, mailers, promotional materials, special privileges, festive greetings from the Company, its partners, subsidiaries, affiliates sponsors or advertisers;

(s) to notify and invite you to events or activities organized by the Company, its partners, sponsors or advertisers;

(t) to process your registration to participate in or attend an event or activity of the Company, its partners, sponsors or advertisers and to communicate with you regarding your attendance at the event or activity through various modes of communication such as postal mail, SMS, phone call, email, or through any other means;

(u) to respond to, establish, exerciste or defend legal claims, legal processes or to comply with any applicable law, governmental or regulatory requirements of any relevant jurisdiction;

(v) to prevent or investigate any fraud, unlawful activity, omission or misconduct, whether relating to your use of the Software or any other matter;

(w) to store, host, back up for recovery your Personal Data or for any other similar purposes, whether within or outside of your jurisdiction;

(x) to deal with and/or facilitate a business transaction or a potential business transaction, where such transaction involves the Company as a participant or inv

(y) for any other purposes which are related to the foregoing and other purposes (collectively, the “Purposes”).

5.2. The processing of your personal information will depend on the circumstances. As such, other purposes for the processing of your Personal Data may not appear above. However, the Company will notify you of such other purpose at the time of obtaining your consent, unless processing of the applicable data without your consent is permitted by the applicable laws. 


6.1. Organizational, physical and technical security measures are in place to ensure the security of your Personal Data in the Company’s systems. This includes putting in place reasonable security measures to prevent any unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, leakage, loss, damage or alteration of your Personal Data. However, the Company will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of Personal Data by third parties which is attributable to factors beyond the Company’s control.

6.2. Personal data is contained behind secured networks and is only accessible by a limited number of employees who have special access rights to such systems.

6.3. The Company will retain personal data in accordance with the Data Privacy Act, its Implementing Rules And Regulations and other related issuances and other applicable laws. The Company will dispose or anonymize your Personal Data, without prior notice to you subject to the requirements of the law, as soon as it is reasonable to assume that (i) the purpose for which that Personal Data was collected is no longer being served by the retention of such personal data and (ii) retention is no longer necessary for any legal or business purposes.

6.4. If you cease using the Company’s online platforms and services, the Company may continue storing, using and/or disclosing your personal data in accordance with this Privacy Notice and the Company’s obligations under applicable laws and as required by government authorities.


7.1. In relation to the use of your Personal Data for the Purposes stated in this Privacy Notice, the Company may engage other companies, service providers or individuals to perform functions on its behalf, and consequently may provide access or disclose your Personal Data to such service providers or third parties. The Company will/may need to disclose your personal data to the following:

  Third party service providers, including information technology (IT) service providers for infrastructure, software and development work, marketing research companies, professional advisors and external auditors, including legal advisors, financial advisors and consultants.

   Governmental authorities to comply with statutory, regulatory and governmental requirements.

   The Company’s subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, and sponsors.

7.2. You hereby acknowledge, agree and consent that the Company is permitted to disclose your Personal Data to such third parties (whether located within or outside the Philippines) for one or more of the above Purposes and for the said third parties to subsequently collect, use, disclose and/or process your Personal Data for one or more of the above Purposes.

7.3. Third parties may unlawfully intercept or access personal data transmitted to or contained on the Company's online platforms or technologies may malfunction or not work as anticipated, or someone might access, abuse or misuse your Personal Data through no fault of the Company. The Company will deploy reasonable security arrangements to protect your personal data as required by the applicable laws. However, there is no guarantee of absolute security such as those arising from malicious and sophisticated hacking through no fault of the Company. In case of breach of Personal Data, the Company shall report the same to the National Privacy Commission in accordance with the breach reporting procedures specified under the Data Privacy Act.

7.4. The Company may also disclose your Personal Data (a) for other purposes which are reasonably related to the Purposes or (b) in circumstances where such disclosure does not require consent under the applicable laws.


8.1. Your Personal Data may be transferred to, stored, used and processed in a jurisdiction other than the Philippines such as in cases where servers are located outside the Philippines. You understand and consent to the transfer of your Personal Data outside of the Philippines as described herein.


9.1. If you wish to withdraw your consent to any marketing or promotional information provided by the Company, you may click on the link “Unsubscribe” which is embedded in the relevant email or by contacting or emailing the Company’s Data Protection Officer at the contact details and email address provided below.

9.2. If you wish to revoke the consent that the Company has obtained from you for the Purposes stipulated herein, please notify the Company by contacting or emailing the Data Protection Officer of the Company at the contact details provided below.

9.3. You may withdraw your consent for the collection, use and/or disclosure of any of your Personal Data in the Company’s possession or under the Company’s control by contacting the Data Protection Officer or submitting a written request via email to the Data Protection Officer at the email address provided below. However, after such withdrawal, the Company may not be able to continue to provide you with some or all of the Company’s services. The Company will process such a request within a reasonable time from receiving notice from you of your withdrawal of consent.

9.4. You may request for access to and/or correction of your Personal Data, limit the processing of your Personal Data and/or make any inquiries regarding your Personal Data by contacting the Company’s Data Protection Officer in the contact details and email address stated below.

9.5. If you do not wish for your Personal Data to be collected via cookies on the online platforms, you may deactivate cookies by adjusting your internet browser settings to disable, block or deactivate cookies.


10.1. The online platforms may contain links to third-party websites. Please note that the Company is not responsible for the collection, use, maintenance, sharing, or disclosure of data and information by such third parties. If you provide information directly to such sites, the privacy policy, notices and terms of service on those sites are applicable and The Company is not responsible for the information processing practices or privacy policies of such sites.


11.1. As a parent or legal guardian, please do not allow minors under your care to submit Personal Data to the Company. In the event that such Personal Data is provided to the Company, you hereby consent to the processing of the minor’s Personal Data and personally accept and agree to be bound by this Privacy Notice and take responsibility for his or her actions.

11.2. In some circumstances that you may have provided Personal Data relating to other individuals (such as your spouse, family members or friends), you represent and warrant that you are authorized to provide their Personal Data to the Company and you have obtained their consent for their Personal Data to be processed and used in the manner as set forth in this Privacy Notice.


12.1. By accessing the Software and clicking the “Agree & Continue” button or any other button which expresses your assent to this Policy, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Policy and agree and consent to the collection, use, storage, retention, transfer and processing of your Personal Data by the Company as described in this Privacy Notice.

12.2. The Company reserves the right to amend, revise and update this Privacy Notice at any time to ensure that it is consistent with the applicable laws at the absolute discretion of the Company. All amendments, revisions, updates and additions which will be posted in the Software. Subject to your rights under the applicable laws, you agree to be bound by the prevailing terms of the Privacy Notice. By continuing to access and use the Software, communicate with the Company, or by your continued engagement with the Company, you signify your acceptance of such modifications, updates or amendments. Any amended Policy will be posted on the Company’s website and can be viewed at

12.3. By (1) clicking “Yes” on our Privacy Policy or Privacy Notice pop-up or any web form referring to the amended Notice on any of our online platforms, (2) submitting your Personal Data to the Company when signing up for an account on the Software, (2) using the Software or (3) continuing to use the Software after the posting of an amended Privacy Policy or Privacy Notice, you are agreeing to the terms of the amended Policy.

12.4. You are encouraged to visit from time to time to ensure that you are well-informed of the latest policies of the Company in relation to Personal Data protection.


13.1. This Policy and your use of this online platform shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the Philippines.


For any questions or complaints relating to your Personal Data or about this Privacy Notice, you may contact the Data Protection Officer of the Company via one of the following methods:


a. Contact number : +63 9190934891

b. Email address :

c. Office address : 17B Octagon Building, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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